Stew Beef

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Stew Beef comes from all different parts of the cow. Cuts from the hip are lean but are stringy and chewy. Cuts from the loin or rib are tender and have good flavor. Meat from the chuck or shoulder are the least tender starting off, but when cooked with a slow simmering moist heat, chuck meat will have the most flavor. Combining all of the above ensures great flavor, tenderness and juiciness for making the heartiest thick beef stew.

A stew is a combination of solid food ingredients that have been cooked in a liquid and served in gravy. Ingredients in a stew include beef, a combination of vegetables, liquid such as wine, beer, stock or water. Stews are cooked by simmering at low temperatures, never boiled, seasonings and flavors may be added.

Adding vegetables at the start we found they tend to lose their flavor and become mushy. Adding vegetables at the end the flavors of the beef and vegetables don't really blend or melt together that well. Adding the vegetables half way through they don't become mushy and the flavors of the beef and vegetables compliment each other nicely.

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