Grass Fed Beef

Bulk Beef

All our livestock is pasture raised – a giant step far and above simply free range (or even organic).

Our cattle are born, raised and finished on 100% grass or hay. They are not fed any grain, because cows are herbivores. We do not have a particular breed, but a Red Angus base seems to work best for us. The main criteria is that they function well on a forage diet only, and we are looking for a smaller framed animal with short legs, and a barrel-shaped body. Our grass fed beef are grazed in small paddocks using electric fencing and moved to fresh forage generally on a daily basis.

Moving the cattle to new grazing land every day gives them a fresh “salad bar” every day, and the pasture they just left has time to recover.

For winter, they graze hay bales on a rotating basis also using electric fencing. The urine / manure, and uneaten hay they leave behind are food for soil microbes, and cover for moisture retention aiding in forage growth in the next seasons. Beef is processed in the fall as the animals come off the fresh grass.


We sell our bulk beef as wholes, halves, and split-sides (1/4). Buying in bulk provides you a great variety of meal choices all at your fingertips. It is also more economical than buying by the piece. Sharing bulk packages with family and/or friends is a great way to buy more at a better price while customizing your order size. Pieces are only sold if available after bulk orders are filled.

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Bulk Beef

** Price is based on $9.50 per cut and wrapped pound **
Order your whole beef and customize your cuts to ensure you get exactly what you want to fill your freezer. Choose from 3 standard packages.