Pasture Raise Eggs

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Free Range Eggs

Laying hens go outside when nights do not get below 10 Celcius. They are placed in a large electric poultry netting enclosure, complete with a shelter containing a roost for them to use at night, a grain / calcium supplement feeder and laying boxes for them to lay eggs in.

This are allows them to express all their natural instincts, and keeps them safe from predators. The eggs they produce taste eggceptional.

In the early fall when the daylight wanes, and the night time temperatures drop, we put them into the barn for the winter. If daytime temperature remains warm enough, we do let them roam outside after they have been placed in their winter abode.


Most commercially purchased eggs are raised indoors in barns with little or no access to sunlight. Their egg production rate is directly proportional to the amount of light they experience which is controlled through light bulbs. Commercial chickens often experience upwards of 23 hours of artificial light per day.

Conversely: Our chicken coops are aligned with the door facing due east. This allows 100% natural light to enter the coop as soon as the sun comes up every day. This is the way chickens are meant to be raised. They’re happier, healthier and experience nearly zero stress.

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