Free Range Eggs


Laying hens are kept on the farm year round. They spend the late spring/summer in the pastures with a mobile hen house for shelter, to lay their eggs in, and to eat their supplemental soy-free grain. They run free in an electric netting fenced yard chasing bugs, eating forage, dust bathing, and being happy hens. The shelter, fenced area, and hens are moved to fresh pasture whenever the forage has been used up. When it becomes too cool, and the days become too short, they are moved into the barn for the fall and winter. They have lots of room to roam, hen boxes to lay their eggs, a roost to jump up on to rest. Their bedding is wood chips which are replaced when needed. They have free access to water, all-vegetable soy-free grain, and oyster shell calcium supplement. We also give them vegetable scraps from our home to give them fresh food.

The eggs produced from hens raised outdoors during the summer are the tastiest. The yokes are bright yellow or almost orange in colour caused by the forage they consume. Because of their freshness when you break them in a pan, the yokes hold their shape and the whites tend not to run all over the pan. They are sold 'uninspected' and you will get a variety of egg sizes. Fall/winter egg yokes are not as vivid in colour as summer ones, but we have added a forage base to the soy-free grain the hens eat so the eggs they produce keep a much yellower yoke than store bought.


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Experience the difference of pasture raised eggs that have the benefit of natural light and fresh air, vs standard eggs which are produced in cramped and dark quarters. ** Price per dozen **